UL 5 Surface Metal Raceways and Fittings (Ed. 15) UL Edition Date: May 24, 2016 Type: ulstd


Wiring Devices

Grounding and Bonding

Specific Materials and Dimensional Limits

Corrosion Protection


Zinc coatings

Nonmetallic coatings

Ceiling-Suspended Fan Support

Fixture Support Test

Ceiling-Suspended Fan Support

Chromic Acid Test for Thicknesses of Zinc Coating        

Rust Resistance Test for Nonmetallic Coatings

Receptacle Secureness Test          

Security of Knockout and Break-Away Tab Test

Electrical Resistance Test

Measured on individual pieces

Measured across joints

Fault Current Test

Short Circuit Test





UL 5 Surface Metal Raceways and Fittings 

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